Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 1


Young At heart

Furious Velocity
and off-centered center
denatured nature,
the forces of May.

Unspontaneous eccentricity,
unhallowed electricity,
luminous hypocrisy,
a soul on display.

The unargent agent,
a black-suited Satan,
atone; for the tangential
heart has her sway.

Illumine my limits
O spendthrift soul-sheriff,
knight fortune belays;
the putrefied presence
is not of the essence,
acute adolescence
by Tutor betrayed.

Efflorescent feeling
the soul's on the ceiling,
the senses, unreeling,
won't get in the way.

Pubescent revealing
and fatal unveiling;
unasking, unbending,
the heart's final days.
Unmasking unending,
Psyche's at her mending,
the Furies are rending
a Soul lost at play.

---Don Comfort (formerly from) Newberg Oregon
    (now a monk in a Russian Orthodox order)

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