Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Six Words by Alexis Hope


Stoic is the root form of the primordial buzzing
That whirls around my head in airy desperation
Flourishing meaningless in all its splendid mediocrity

Flourishing under the desperation of relations wholly primordial
The din overwhelms me with its manifest buzz
Mediocre interactions leave me cold and stoic

Mediocrity fosters ambiguous buzzing amongst the stoic
Who relate best or even exclusively to that which is primordial
Desperation seeps perpetually into the fountain of my soul where it will flourish

Desperate to flourish in the face of such mediocrity
I challenge potential friend and foe alike with stoicism
The buzz of ubiquitous propaganda rings primordial

Buzzing around the stoic famine as it flourishes
Such hollow connection stings as it oozes mediocrity
Primordially choked once and for all by my desperation

The primordial goons of mediocrity conceal their desperation
Camouflaged in vapid consumerism where appearances flourish
Stoic facade, in the end, the crux and the meat of the matter is all buzz.


---Alexis Hope, 02 July 2011

1 stoic
2 primordial
3 buzz
4 desperation
5 mediocrity
6 flourish


You too can try my Six Word poetic form. The table in the body of Wednesday, June 29, 2011 post details the word placement in each line. If you decide to do one email me back the results for I am seeking data on the validity of this particular form.


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