Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Scrabble Poetry Was Exhumed From A Grave


Toasted Soup

Empty dog takes a swig
chokes it out again
jaws ajar without his bit

Blot out this episode
when you tell it, dear
it doesn't flatter anyone of us

laundry piles and leans
carpet musty with dust feuds
lose its reason to beat
home breaks like a heart

---Julia, 7/12/2011

The feud began with a toast

Pony took a long swig from the bottle
his vice made him angry like an unruly za

Xi La enticed Flan with a free bite on her neck
Flan moaned like a cat in heat

Flan chewed into Pony's ass
like he was a bowl of dog meat soup

Xi La hid in the coop
but she left the door ajar

Pony didn't quit at first blood

Flan's heart broke like a jar
when she saw Xi La toasted near the rooster

The blot on the anvil was unruly

Their feud hied to the bitter end

---William James, 7/12/2011

The poetic scrabble words generated:

blot, toasted, enticed, feud | ed, bite, soup | ped,
vice, free, em | do | moan, me | meat, eh | he,
flan | as | no, ones | meats, if, xi | xi (pronounced chi),
jar, data, hie, swig, ed/earn, pony, coop,
unruly, dog, anvil, qi | quit, quits | breaks, za, la

The final scores were
Julia: 300
Me: 222

Highest scoring play of the game was laid by me
qi | quit for 48 points

The second highest play of the game was laid by Julia
quits | breaks for 46 points

Follow the hyperlinks to see two previous scrabble poems Julia wrote this year one on February 19 and the other on February 26.

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