Wednesday, July 27, 2011

6 Words from a Fraternity Brother resulted in a Freestyle Poem


It was like an episode of csi
The bomber made a fatal error
The intestinal damage was unreal

Matthew was the detective who received the call
The phone rang thirty-two times
It was three o'clock in the morning
The din was an invasion of his consciousness
Returning to wakefulness was painful
He should have called in sick

The perpetrators plan was simple enough
The design worked ingeniously in the laboratory
His bodily fluids acted as the trigger
But the engineer misjudged the chemistry
of the compounds and how they reacted
together with alien substances like tofu

The letter explained it all
Senator Brown was the target
He was being arraigned for a dangerous
petroleum overflow he allegedly caused
by signing the offshore drilling act
that polluted San Diego’s Imperial Beach

The perpetrator was at Fred’s 24 – 7 Fed Ex store
when the unthinkable happened
He handed the illegal immigrant working
the counter the envelope
The bomb denoted 12 hours too soon

Dr Alkasulser’s last thoughts were of another frustrating failure
that summed up his entire career as a Botanist
the killing of an innocent man his environmental beliefs sought to protect
his inability to complete his last ELF execution
and his granddaughter's first birthday party
he rescheduled for eight AM

He shouldn’t have eaten easy cheese with the salsa

Matthew had to delay his Palm Springs vacation
it took an extra month
to puzzles all the pieces together


On 7/23 Matthew (The Man Who Ate Bad Salsa) submitted to me 6 Words: Intestinal, Invasion, Painful, Expulsion, Frustration, Reschedule . Matthew is one of my Facebook friends, a classmate from Linfield College, as well as a fraternity brother from Delta Psi Delta. He currently resides in the Pacific NW someplace near Portland.

You can do this too and submit me a few lines or 2 Lines.


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