Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Bad Poems (I Have No Shame)

I don't know if I've posted this bad poem yet, but I found it at my folks place the last time I went down for a visit. I also found all the papers I wrote when I studied religion at college and at grad school. I wished, however, that I could have found the mathematical expression I wrote when I was 19. I endeavored to create a formula where one could find the area of a circle with using the constant pie. In the process of thinking it through I taught myself basic calculus, because I needed to use limit theory to accomplish it. The expression didn't do what I intended. Ultimately, the expression focused like a lazer beam on the constant pie. I learned, what the ancients figured out, that one can not approximate the area of a circle without pie.

Well, any way here is another gem of a bad poem that I composed in the process of learning how to write. The poem is dated September 2, 2001. And I must add that I am still driven to conquer the art of poetry. Hopefully, one day, I will achieve this goal.


by the number six
the day
I was made

I tried to engrave the number seven
Saturday, Sabbath, upon my forehead
But by morning it
Faded back
into the number six, 

Somehow seven
is denied me
No mater how much
I work
I will never
achieve the distinction of seven

I will bear the mark


This is almost like that song from Slipknot called the Heretic.

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