Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lookie, lookie, lookie it's the second tookie

What yonder insight thru self-perceptions break
‘tis the Self and the present moment my Sacred Space
Conceptions’ per subjective to how the Self is conceived

The present moment voids conceptions' expectations, 
self may perceive a sense of presence void of moment
Developing from birth precludes how sacred 
one conceives their space in the present moment

Selflessness accepts the moment as sacred, 
a space to experience insightful self-conception

What yonder insight thru self-perceptions break
‘tis the self and the present moment my sacred space
Conceptions’ perspective actualize interpretations

This piece was sent to my phone a little over a year ago by an Mr. A Browne. Mr. Browne composed it in his telephone. Not a phone like mine where one can get one key per letter, but on an old nokia. Three characters to a key. 

I make no judgments on to the quality of this piece's writing other than that it is rhythmically and intellectually interesting. It also has an average of 13 syllabic counts per line, which would qualify it as a loose Alexandrine. It reminds me of me when I first started out penning lines on pages. And you can view that piece of work too. I think my first book would have been better had I written it in blank verse. Then again that may have made it boring. Perhaps one day, I'll rewrite some of it in iambic pentameter and see.

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