Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glance Backward into My Head (I liked this one from the Spring of 1997)

Poetry is the language of my life

these thoughts dance through my days like dreams
perhaps dreams are my life
i just don't know sometimes

incense and Indian classical
waft on a breeze
transforming my house into a hut
i sit along the banks of the river Ganges
contemplating the mystery of the Brahma

dreamily, i drift to the desert Sinai
to the dirty stone shack with a grass roof
fire burns in a pit on the floor
sitting on pillows
eating a sinewy old goat

attentiveness lapses
listlessly i wander on
caught between a dream and a thought
the yogi ponders
the mystic wanders
trapped between two worlds East and West
a storm progresses
confusing the soul
catholicity emerges
giving rest to pains of heretical mind

vividly the pen
my hand


This piece was written (as one disasterpiece among many for a final project) for REL 520 Spiritual Formation Spring Semester 1997 at GFU


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