Saturday, April 30, 2011

National Poetry Month (I don't remember this) Disasterpiece

The great weaver wefts     
       mystical melodies into the air. 
       Heavens open up 
              emptying energies onto the earth. 
       Seen raining down like 
              silvery ribbons 
              saturating the earth and all her creatures. 
       Even the plants and rocks 
              hear this song. 
                       The great weaver weaves...

a poetic universe, where each and every 
       atom sings her specific 
       tone. All the cosmos 
              and every created thing 
                     dance to this tune. 

       Sun shine shinning
       rain drops pouring, dripping down a drain pipe
       brooks babbling, streams ambling, and 
       great rivers rushing 
              all merging into the great cosmic 
              sea singing always singing a song 
                    some call Shalom. 

       Rolling, crashing, ocean waves sing
       wind whistling through trees
       swirl around lilies of the field

             all are players in this cosmic symphony

This piece was written (as one disasterpiece among many for a final project) for REL 520 Spiritual Formation Spring Semester 1997 at GFU

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