Monday, December 6, 2010

Pluto is too a planet in spite of what Dracula says

Toilet, all I needed was one more "T"
to be swirling down in it...

This week, we played on a different day. Couch surfers assembled on Sunday instead of the usual day. That must have been the reason why I was a little more on top of my game. The day prior I took care of my—and this may to some sound bad—Catholic obligations: I went to Mass at Immaculate Conception; I touched that Hebrew part of me that feels the Saturday Sabbath deep in the bones; it was all-in-all a holy day down to the moving conversations I had with others like me—unrighteous (in the eyes of the rule makers), but that’s another story.

I almost won this game. The spread of words was tight on the board. I was so excited through my exhaustion. Again, I got to lay down the first word, oxen, for twenty-two points. The secret to high scoring plays is to form multiple words. In one such round, I formed three accompanying words from laying down piety. Art Eddie won, because he was able to lay down all his tiles to score fifty-four points with the word wienies & els. In my shoe I had a complete word too, but Dracula was a proper noun, which is forbidden to use according to the official rules. I was robbed of a fifty-plus point play.

Those dam proper nouns!!
This would have been a great word too

The final scores were Art Eddie: 315 & slow-me: 296. I lost by nineteen points.

What the hell am I going to do with these tiles?

The words as they were played: Oxen, dee / do / ex / ee, jag / dog, jail, beer, Aas / aa / dogs, nod / ro, aloud, dour, node / hero, be / dance, oi / in / un, cage, am / cum, qat, tin / qi, lice, liners, zone / el, wienies / els, ‘ey / it / we / piety, licer / orey, oh / hail, flame, kit, of / lo / if, vows / skit, ut / lot, bunt, cager, pe / po

My whatever

“Ey po, po ex-ut dee” Pluto asked?
“Aa oh qi pe po oi,” Aas answered.
Pluto was a dour dog
Aloud in the zone
Lice liners bunt orey hail
Aas fed oxen in the tin cage
A dour jag of beer wienies
“Dance the hero without a kit,” Aas vows
“Be like Lot in the flame.”

Pluto stated, “Cum ey bunt dee we; qi node am ex ut.”
In piety, be not the hero of the skit;
if aloud, drink dour beer in jail.

ART Eddie and Pluto's Dance

aas jag dance pluto
aas ut oi pe

aas aloud we hail pluto
cum be tin dance, sail
aas flame aloud and hail pluto

no dour skit no qat kit
no bunt piety no un tin
no ee no dee

dour zone your cage your orey-flame
aas lice dee dogs and dance
aas cage aloud your jail
hero, be am pe dee
hero, beer am qi
wienies, wienies bunt piety
aas pluto aas qi
aas nod cum cager zones
aas hail your flames
aa cum sail cum sail pluto

Do you see any cool adventures in these words? Give it a try. There are plenty of spaces for comments.

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