Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving with my super friends was great, but the after film was disturbing....

I went to see the movie Skyline after I returned home from a very good pot luck supper at Caroline's (my fellow co-coordinator of the Red Pen writers critique group). The thanksgiving chicken was cooked by her boyfriend Mathew ( a photographer). Aaron, author of SUPER, brought tofurky and I contributed a cornbread that I constructed out of organic whole wheat & fine-grind cornmeal. The tofurkey was very yummy topped with a chutney and a carrot based Mediterranean hot sauce called, Harissa. It was hard to believe that a simulated meat product could taste so good.

Hairy Potter and the Rose incident...

I suppose I should have gone to see the new Hairy Palmer film, but it had the same appeal as did Spice Girls. In McMinnville, I displayed a framed Spice Girls poster on a wall. Furthermore, I did see the movie, once, at the MACK Theater for a buck (it was not at all what I expected). I loved to crack my sleep crusted eyes open in the morning to those nicely shaped spicy girls bodies. It was reminiscent of my Junior-Senior year in high school when I had the Playboy Madonna photo opp (infinity superior to the Penthouse spread)  tapped to the inside door of my locker. Madonna as young woman had great body, but her music sounded (then again so did any genre that wasn't metal) like how vomit smells on a hot school bus an hour after you were sprayed by a car sick kid. Harry Palmer on the other hand, is not a "hand" I wish to gaze at. The series was one that I could have either taken or left. I think I'll seek out "Lost Boys: the Thirst" and/or 127 Hours first.

Skyline had two nice alabaster tuckuses in it and that may have been the only bright star to this entire disaster of fiction. Kind of like the girl in the Fifth Element. I watched it more than a dozen times just to see Leelo in her super athletic tape action suit run and jump. Usually, I give a film three viewings before I decide if I like it or not. But I have no intention of ever giving Skyline a second viewing. It was that bad.

Skyline reminded  me of an eerie British alien invasion mini-series I watched a few times about a decade ago on the Sci-Fi channel. Unfortunately, I don't recall it's title. However, it was in the same genre as the Body Snatchers, but there were no replacements per-say. People were controlled through genetic manipulation and/or harvested by the aliens. The most disturbing factor of Skyline was that there was no chance of redemption. Independence Day, also a shitty film, was at least partially redeeming because the characters ultimately prevailed against the aliens invaders. This was not so for Skyline. Skyline was the Kobayashi Maru that Kirk couldn't reprogram for a win.

The film is rated PG13, but I think it deserved an R rating for disturbing irredeemable violence. And the point of the movie, as far as I could tell, was that we never have as much time live as we think we should posses.


  1. Was good to hang out with you and engage in all types of conversation. A great night!

  2. Yeh, that was a great party. Everybody was able to share there minds and we were all engaged in each other. No one blended into a wall to bloom out the other side. Our gathering kind of reminded me of the conversation I had at Astronomy Camp (through OSMI) when I was 12-13 years old. Thanks for coming and inviting your friend.