Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Reblogged RAPoetics Post -- Last Weekend

Last Weekend… by Jack Haines

        “Bruno, are the lights supposed to dim when I push the ‘shift’ key?”
        “It’s okay Boss, I fix later.”
        “Bruno always called me Boss even though we never worked together, he was just my neighbor but had a knack for electrical things or things that made noise or seemed broken. He used to live in one of the Eastern Bloc nations where he claimed to be some kind of engineer before he came to America. Come to think about it, everyone I ever met from that region claimed to be an engineer in the “Old Country”. I don’t think that word translates the same as they think it does.
        “If it starts to smoke again, use this, Boss.” He handed me a spray bottle that resembled the one on my barbecue.
        “Maybe, I’ll just call my nephew; he’s a computer guy for Target.”
        “It’s okay Boss, I used to be computer engineer in Old Country. You should see my computer, it purrs like a kitchen.”

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