Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In Response To A Reoccurring Craigslist Want Ad

In Response To A Reoccurring Craigslist Want Ad

Dear Albany,

Happy Birthday. I am sorry that your date flaked on you. He must have got scared at the last minute. But I wanted to tell you that only you can make yourself happy. If you keep seeking happ>iness from without you will never find it. Happiness will be this elusive other like the perfect guy that you will never meet.

I know all about happiness from without or outside of oneself. And the key word to remember is without. Because that is what you will be without your entire life---happiness. Happiness can only be found from within. It is something that only you can decide to be. No one can make you happy. No matter how hard another would try to make you happy, you would or will always be unhappy. Because happiness is decision only an individual can make. It is kind of like a switch that you turn on or off.

I am not writing this letter because I want you. Yes, you are beautiful, but I am most likely too old and fat for you. Certainly, I do not meet your criteria of gym sculpted bulges and lines. I do have bulges and lines, but not in the places that define male sexiness. To a certain degree I am fit; I work my property and walk fifteen to twenty miles a week.

No, I am writing this letter in hopes that you will cease seeking happiness outside of your own soul or self. This is not a plea for you to get religion or to drink the new age pseudo pagan Kool Aid. I can tell from previous ads seeking happiness in the company of other’s, that you were burned by the religion of your parents. I am not saying that you shouldn’t seek other people either. All I am saying is this, there is no one out in the world who will make you feel complete (for long) or happy. If you are not happy with yourself—and this is something you have to decide for yourself—as you are in the here and now, you never will be.

Okay, I am stepping down from my soap box now. Have a nice life Albany. I hope you find what you seek.



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