Monday, May 6, 2013

I Want To Spoon You Up And Noodle You....

Cindy, my long lost best friend, it's me Mandy. I have been looking for you for twelve years. I have tried everything (except hire a private eye to find you). I want to see you again. I am 5'4", 125 lbs, brunette, very cute, and drug and disease free. I hope you are still as hot as you were when we were in high school.

Remember, the first time you fooled around with me in my Volvo? Well, I still can't stop thinking about you. I am still inexperienced, but am very much curious to touch your body again.

I miss your tender touch. I long to touch you, and make slow, deliberate and passionate love to you for hours on end. I miss your kiss. I remember you kissing me in the back seat. We were at the rumble seat drive in. The movie was Shakespeare In Love. Your touch was deep, soulful, and expressive. And you were warm, wet, and never ending. I miss that misty way you looked at me when you left for the army. We were engaged in a long passionate embrace. Words weren't necessary when I looked into your big beautiful grey eyes. I felt as if I could see to the bottom depths of your soul with even the briefest of glances. And I felt that you could see into mine too. That you saw the real me.

Twelve years is too long to be parted from you. It has been a lifetime since we were wrapped naked around each other. I miss spooning and noodling you. And I am so looking forward to making you limp again. Please contact me Cindy, I love you. You are my reason for being.

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