Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Sestina In Six Parts Plus An Envoy (Part 4)

A Sestina In Six Parts Plus An Envoy

How can I get Jack, the cat
into a smelly plastic box?
He needs to go to the vet.
Jack has worms from hunting wild birds.
And I know this because he vomits up long ribbons of grass.
He even eats more than does the dog.

Jack and Milo, the dog,
were kitten and pup together. In their play, you would see a cat’s
head inside a dog’s mouth out in newly mowed grass.
Jack was an unusual tabby; he was out of the box
different. His other four siblings were broken by killer bird.
They were mangled beyond repair of even the most skilled surgical vet.

Milo, my grandmother’s neighbor and friend, was a Vietnam Veteran.
The first job he got after the war was modeling edible underwear. Susie, grandma’s dog,
licked the thong off he modeled in the yard. During the practice a little Junko bird
swooped down from a juniper tree and carried it away. Later, Corky the cat
maimed the bird while hunting in the back yard. Milo gently placed the Junko in a box.
He nursed it back to health by feeding it seedy weed grass.

Milo also smoked a lot of weed grass
He got so stoned one time he thought he was a vet
He started to do surgery, like he did in the war, on the Junko in the box
The smell of carnage caught the attention of Susie, grandma’s dog
next door. The unfolding drama turned into a hay day for all the beasts including the cat
Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out favorably for Junko the bird.

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