Saturday, April 20, 2013

NaPoWriMo #20.667 (Kelly's Kiss Part 2)

Kelly's Kiss Part 2

Kelly was afraid.

Kelly was apprehensive that Denaya would want to reciprocate, to touch that forbidden zone, that shameful place of freakish abnormality at the base of the body. With legs tightly closed together, Kelly pushed on the fear. Kelly delayed Denaya’s urges for penetration by pulling the fabric of the sports bra down to tease and tongue two sexy bumps on Denaya’s muscular chest. Denaya moaned “MORE” louder. She begged Kelly to enter into her sex.

*        *        *

A wall was starting to teeter inside Kelly. It was the wall of truth. Kelly was born with a defect. Kelly’s parents were poor. They were looking forward to child. A son to help work the farm when the unthinkable happened. The nuclear plant at Chernobyl exploded. Though they were hundreds of miles away, the radiation damaged their child in the womb. Kelly was born a hermaphrodite.

*        *        *

Kelly resisted with an inward scream. Denaya sensed a hesitation, but in the throes of passion forced Kelly’s hand to her sex. Kelly had never felt a woman’s sex so ready before. So wanting and needing attention.

---William James

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