Friday, April 26, 2013

Guest Author: Samuel Ortiz (Episode 5)



They continued there regular jobs to cut down trees and cook food. Everynow and then, Wheels or Hot would look towards port USOA to check if there was the smoke signal Fiero promised. Suddenly, Wheels looks up and quietly tells Hot to look. "They're ready," said Wheels. "Lets go turn off the sun and get out of here so they can come bomb this place!" Hot and Wheels went to turn off the lights. Hot went to tell Doc it was nighttime and waited for him to fall asleep. Once Doc was snoring, Hot returned to Wheels and they port USOA. As they arrived Fiero greeted them and told them that he was ready to drop the bombs. "Alright, do you want us to go with you?" offered Wheels. "Sure, you can come," answered Fiero. Back in Washington D.C., Doc woke up and looked for Hot and Wheels, "Where are those two lazy butts? They probably left to Port United Statues of Asia AGAIN. Oh whatever. i'll yelll at them when they come back. I'll just get some rest right now." What he didnt know was that in minuets Washington D.C. would be bombed. He was on the ground looking up to the sky when he saw something coming closer and closer. "Uhhhhh..what is that?" Suddenly, there was a loud noise nearby. BO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-M "OMG!" screamed Doc. "Its the Asian people, isn't it?"said Doc, hate filling his head. "Alright," said Doc, "I'll go to Africa" he said "I don't think so!" said Fiero. "What the hell is going on here???" yelled Doc., racing to get out of that place. Too late. The bombs Fiero dropped began exploding.

---By Samuel Ortiz. Edited by Ivanna Ortiz

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