Thursday, February 28, 2013

LoPoWriMo #28

Volcanic Taco

I’d like to write a love poem to this cute girl who manages a Taco Bell in Salem, but I can’t write love poems to save my life. Plus I wouldn’t know where to begin scribbling something that might melt her into a puddle of goo on the floor. Ess, my ex wanted that, but I couldn’t write a love poem even if I were in a sinking ship and love poems were the only way to keep it afloat. XXX poems, that’s a different story. Those narratives access my inner fourteen year old and are much more fun to write. I suspect that in order to pen good love poems one first must be in love. I haven't been in love since I was twenty-six years old and I will be forty five in March. Yes, I have had several crushes along the way, but no deep enduring love.

Let’s go back to the taco bell girl sitting at a table doing her paperwork. Never did a lady in a black uniform look as good as she did arranging sales receipts in an unspecified order. The flavor of the tomatoes doesn’t even compare in sweetness as did a tuft of golden hair escaping from under her cap. And the sour cream was not as creamy white as was her cheeks juxtaposed against all that black. And the hot sauce was not nearly as spicy as her bark when she yelled at a pion screwing up on the cash register.

No, as you can read, volcanoes of words do not flow out of my peen to greet this young woman where she is at in the world. I have failed to compare this girl to the food she sells. And the boat I am traveling in has sunk that much more. But I do know this, the girl under the cap and clothes is a train wreck waiting to happen,

just as we all are,

because none of us are perfect in the land of the breathing.

Someday, someone else will write a poem to this girl that will turn her insides into lava that will floor across the earth to greet that one she loves to form an ocean of sensation.

Me, I’ve already found the love of my life. I splay out words on the page to her and it is possible that she doesn’t know that I am in love with her and all her verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, punctuation, and other parts of speech.

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