Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Shameless RAPoetics Plug & Reblogged Post

The unknown author, Peter Fraser, wrote an interesting short story called, "In Which the Author Takes a Holiday." I find the names of his characters clever. And the honesty of the narrative is impressive. The story reminds me of Tara Hardy's "Letitallhangout" approach to poetry. If you like the following excript, you may read the remainder on Randomly Accessed Poetics, January 13th, 2013 post.

"I think I had become a touch obsessive with cumalloverme. I would graft a clever letter to the creature. I piled it on. And in all modesty it was quite seductive. No truth, no honesty, just a continual fiction. I kept going over the enticement. Probably far too exaggerated, if there is an eventual meeting it will only be a letdown. Yes, too dishonest. No, too dishonest is not right. Really it was harmless marketing, no more misleading than a blurb on a book cover. The aim was to consort with her flesh, that’s what the deception was about. Once the procedure is accomplished, then we re-write the terms, we negotiate a reality. Yet, she mightn’t be open to persuasion or discussion. And this is assuming she has told the truth, which is most unlikely. Too many unknowns, there was no space to establish an immovable point of reference."

To read the full story visit RAPoetics.com. Thanks.

If you are interested in viewing poetry, photo art, and flash fiction on an e-reader, check out RAPoetics, Issue 2: Paint Darkness into Day

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