Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kirk Recomends This Page

My buddy Kirk, whom I've known since 1989, is a software engineer. He has been the only individual in my life who has pushed me into a specific direction as an artist bent on making a living. He starting pushing me regarding blogging in 2003, but I didn't dive into it till 2010. And now, two years later, I am about to publish a second e-reader literary magazine replete with an ISBN number. Of course the acquisition of an e-reader device and ISBN numbers would not be possible without the job I now possess at the Spirit Mountain Casino. The job also means I have less available time to work on the magazine, blogs (plural), webcam open mic, my own writings, and whatnot.

These days it is difficult to get a hold of Kirk. He is a proud father of a two year old, husband to a doctor, and he contracts his services as a programer out to various companies. But today, I had a phone conversation with him. And he recommended that I look through this particular artists webpage. It is called I actually wrote this post solely to remember to look at this page when I get home from work tonight. Then again maybe that wasn't such a good idea since I often forget what I have written and posted on this blog. I wonder if that is why I am calling it the disasterpiece blog? Hmmm.

Ahh shit, it is time to get ready to go back to work. It was nice to talk to Kirk on the phone. Fatherhood has certainly mellowed him out. He is not the same person he was in 2003. He is more like the person he was in 1989. He has regained his inquisitiveness and playfulness he possessed as a child. Well, that is enough talk. Go to and check out the video posts.

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