Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I wonder when (or why) I wrote this?

Oddball Bowling with Frankenstein I’m a writer a poet a thinker Offside the page I'm a simple guy My life grinds verbs out at a slow pace I love space long stretches of unencumbered time I enjoy simple activities I'm not sculpted out of marble like Adonis or Fabio but I can be found on a dance floor, I don’t like a lot of chaos I’m not into drugs nor do I want to be around them you're free to use them but nowhere near me I don’t care for expensive things either I have no desire to own property I simply loathe wasting time keeping up a spacious dwelling mowing lawns and gardening don’t get me wrong, I like green things and I’m happy that other people like to grow them I've had enough of milking goats and pulling weeds back on the farm I’ll watch though with a notebook and pen from afar I've not always been such serious an ideologue I do have a silly side I love to watch stupid comedies roll on the floor in a laugh play Scrabble or chess or a game of chance bet on thoroughbreds spinning around a track I like sharing life, my life with your life or whomever chances by a meal a conversation a long walk a trance gaze into eyes an exchange of nonverbal knowing a look-back into a journey faces and shapes of DNA this may sound alien did I mention that I love to dance a caller beautifies squares or cooks up a heated contra or to wind a partner into a slow mesmerizing waltz

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