Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Post Will Reflect Badly On My Character

Previously Published For A Few Minutes On Craigslist in 2010

Found a strap-on harness and bridle in the laundry room of my apartment building. The harness is frayed at the edges from multiple uses with a big black mule cock. And the bit in the bridle has a few teeth marks. It is sanitary now it has been sterilized of all possible bugs in steamy hot water. And all the moving parts have been replaced.

It’s past home found its way into a sweet innocent lipstick candy girl. She was the owner of the bridle. Her teeth marks in the white bit illustrate how her burly master loved her. Their bucks, grunts, moans of pleasure are no longer heard through open windows reverberating off tall walls in the inner courtyard of the Manchester.

This set up is lonely and is seeking a new home. If you can imagine yourself reined into a female beast brandishing a big silicon mule cock then this harness and bridle is for you (and your partner). Experience the exhilaration of a powerful vagina fucking into a lipstick candy-girl pussy with this comfortable worn-in strap-on harness, bridle, and hard rubber bit.

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