Sunday, August 5, 2012

Please Give A Few Pennies To A Poet With A Dream

Matthew Brouwer is a friend of mine. I met him up in Seattle in the slam scene when it met at the Spitfire in Belltown. I always enjoyed listening to his word. Stylistically, he performed differently than the prevailing winds of slam at that time. If you have a love for the spoken word, help Matthew voice the word that boils within his heart and rages out of his mouth like a hurricane.

Also check out my other wordpress website. It's a literary e-zine called Randomly Accessed Poetics! Submissions are open. We Publish continually. Lastly, Penhead Press's first publication: Randomly Accessed Poetics, Issue 1: The Texture of Words came out. If you're interested you can find it in the kindle store.


  1. Replies
    1. I also donated and am tallying up how much I'd like to raise to move penhead press e-book publishers a little further down the line. I'd really like a five grand. But I'd settle for 2 or 3000.