Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Purple Words: Garden Of My Dreams

Garden Of My Dreams

Whenever my heart would wander
the garden of my dreams falls on the wood.
The Plants seem a distant veil,
The Phantom Willow boughs a cloak and hood.
Under Ben trees, the Woodland Tweezers
play their game of Go in their positioning;
The Tirillus Silvador keep away the llamas
with their peculiar whistling; behind which towers
The Protorbis: a smallish fungal-looking mesa;
The Lepelara Terristis: spoon-like and Camporana:
fan-like monofoliates spring up like grasses;
The Solea: their vegetable spears stand at the ready;
The Giraluna: Moonflowers with their pearled petals;
The Artesia: living arabesques and curlicues;
A solitary Anaclea Taludensis provides the perfect
illusion of a constant size no matter the distance;
A bed of Orifleurs wait for the touch of flame to set
their seeds adrift along the nonexistent breezes;
The Porquilla: cactus-like with retractable spines;
The Snake-Vines: aptly called Asp-entwined;
The Orchis: orchid-like, vampiric in nature and flight:
The Farwala: tuft-like, hunting with impaling flowers;
The Dark Lotus: with its anesthetic & digestive nectar;
and lastly The Poda: huge Poppy-like pods with toothy
leaves hypnotizing prey with its prodigious floral displays.

All fascinating and all fantastical Botanical Anomalies
grouped together as The Elemental Garden of Oddities:
Alpha Centauri rather than from Earth they were from.
If there were wee beasties here they hid well amidst
this vegetative paradise which seemed hallucinatory
as if generated from Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
or some Ergot-infested loaf of bread.

---by Purple Mark, 07/28/2012

Purple Prompts:                                                                         

  1. Whenever my heart would wander in Göksu / the garden in my dreams falls on the wood. / At dusk the roses seem a distant veil / the phantom willow boughs a cloak and hood. A.S. Byatt. The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye: Five Fairy Stories. (Random House 1994) Page 151.
  2. Tirillus Silvador, Woodland Tweezers, Protorbis, Solea, Giraluna, Artesia, Anaclea Taludensis are all plants from Parallel Botany Leo Lionni Alfred A. Knopf 1977.
  3. The Orchis are inspired by Jack Flanders: Dreams Of Rio by Thomas M. Lopez, ZBS Foundation 1987.
  4. The Porquilla, Snake-Vine, Orifleurs, Farwala, Dark Lotus and Poda are all from my own fevered imagination.
  5. Philip’s words: fascinating*, elemental*, box car, okra pickle, dour, Alpha Centauri*, Seminole, baby rattle, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey*, roller skates, Deep Purple, wee beasties*, coif, snitzel with noodles.

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