Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Purple Words: Darkest Jokes And Poe-Bells

The Darkest Jokes And Poe-Bells

This is a Dream, of course:
    An ongoing Movie,
        An old Job
            of Contract Storytelling
            with a few private jokes
              worked in,
    But the darkest jokes can have
a secret truth to them.

This comes from a fictional account
    about James Whale,
        The Father of Frankenstein
    who had his own secrets revealed in the Dark Jokes sprinkled throughout
    Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man.

He and most of his Actors
    were Gay at a time when it
             wasn’t a accepted thing.
Like a Dream within a Dream,
    I was asleep and the Bells started.
        They Boomed! for they were
signaling some horribleness
    about to descend upon us,
        some Doom about to make
            itself an fit conclusion
                 to this Storytelling.

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1)    “I was asleep, and the bells started...they boomed! Poe-bells...they were Poe-bells...Bing-bing-bong-BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” pgs. 174-5
2)    Edward Albee Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? Pocket Books 1962.
3)    “This is a dream, of course. It’s a movie, an old job of contract storytelling with a few jokes worked in. But the darkest jokes can have a secret truth.” pg. 134 Christopher Bram Father of Frankenstein Plume Books 1995.

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