Saturday, May 19, 2012

Writing with Ahmed On 03192012


“Tell it, tell it, tell it like it is, tell it…”
Droned the electric piano
She whined more than sang sympathetic notes
The melody was a deluge of anthropic images
That transcended the structure of the jazz
Her mouth closed in around the microphone in affection

The electric piano drummed out the rhythm
“Tell it, tell it, tell it like it is, tell it…”
in Jazzy sortes
Sympathetic to the moaning feedback circling through the audience
Affecting, pushing the musicians’ to greater heights of
Anthropic life in another dimension

I may have written this or Ahmed Teleb may have written it. It probably is my work. The bj microphone image is something that I would've tried and work into a poem. I am juvenile that way. Ahmed's writing is much more syllabic and sound orientated than mine is. So, yes, I think this is my poem. But the word Homophone is a word he used as a prompt.

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