Sunday, April 29, 2012

National Disasterpiece Month --- Number 29

Pandora's Valentine

Pandora's Valentine

Anonymous Entry

to listen
attentively and patiently

Page 2

   I saw you 

   Big Trouble 
      A Dance 
      A Game 

   At some point in our lives, 
   we might as well be naked      

Page 3

   25% Off 
   Blowing Class 

   You just couldn't miss  
   a chance like this  
   Free first visit 
   Sleepovers with 
   Theology and psychology      
   Find out where  

   We won't sell you half a  

   Condoms reduce the risk   

   The reason 
   Social justice 
   care and leadership 
   has ended 
   was combat 

   Like us 
   Pandora and jealousy 
   push through the defense   
   with little sleep 

---William James is a collage writer. He builds short simple narratives from excerpts of newsprint (and other source) clippings.