Thursday, April 26, 2012

National Disasterpiece Month --- Number 26

“Someday this war is going to end,” (Apocalypse Now)

But not for me
I fight a battle
that will not soon end
if at all
The things I have done
may be forgiven by a god
but not for me

Every day is the same
the bugle calls the dawn
I crack open my eyes
and the blood of my enemy
has stained my hands
in the night
It is a caked mucus
under my nails
I scrub with steel wool
I cannot get clean

In a shattered room
I weep for myself
I see no future
I see only the past
It haunts the rhythm of my heart
Even though I have returned home
to a world of security
I still recount my invasion

Quiet moments scream
bolts of guilt
in thundering storms
I will never be free
till the last breath
my bluing lips

---William James