Monday, April 23, 2012

National Disasterpiece Month --- Number 23

Porter felt ripped off
after seeing the “Spice Girls” movie
even though it was only 99 cents
Carla said to him as she slugged down
the sickly sweet Mogen David Wine,
“I am being watched.”
She slipped a golden fountain pen head
into the IRS envelope
and ripped it open.
Carla half expected a retarded
butt-poem about her close friendship
to the AP department to fall out
instead it was another bill for 99 cents
Carla handed him the wine
He peeled back the paper bag
from the neck of the bottle
unscrewed the cap
gulped the last of it down
Carla slurred,
“It’s funny poems in life ain’t shit without a joint.”

---William James


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