Wednesday, April 18, 2012

National Disasterpiece Month --- Number 18


Coast to Coast Montage

HAARP, Privacy, and Mind Control, we’re talking about all of it tonight
Sixty million year old dinosaur eggs discovered
In a sheer rock wall in Chechnya the size of bicycles
The bible is going down in terms of sales
The world is waking up
So many things bottle the mind
The human race is trapped in a prison of its own design
The authorities have the power to mind control people
Even Steve has never seen so many UFO reports in his life
He reports, a man sees a light larger than Venus
in the sky chased by F-16’s hoping up and down
Was it a sign from something in heaven?
For more information go to five hour energy dot com
What was that all about?
The monolith was the shape of the movie screen
The message is that an alien species that has been guiding us,
is still guiding us, and will transform us,
the human race, by raising our consciousness into a new stage of existence
Subliminal messages in Kubrick’s films
Apes become hunters and killers
A big black stone refines us and makes us better
Kubric was hired to fake the moon landing
For more information go to sacred mysteries dot com
HAARP is capable of affecting the climate or causing earthquakes
The way the parties are playing it, they’re so rigid
We need a brain spa to enhance our mental facilities
The mind control comes from this base
As you dive into those areas mind control is a fertile ground
Coming out of politics, it’s all about mind control
They’ve got this down to a science
It’s integrated into marketing, gaming, everything
Our thoughts are being controlled
Government has learned that fear controls the population
Fear suspends higher order thinking
Religions do it, governments do it
If you think about it this is a way to move a population
into a direction that you desire and then
you sprinkle in a little patriotism and national pride
and wah-lah the people do the will of a few
Hitler saw fear as a tool
An enlightened population needs to see beyond fear
The real test for this century is the use of technology
Sit down watch TV and people go into a zone
That can’t even hear a spouse yell that dinner is ready
They are going to use profiling on an individual level and on a grand scale
to move the scale 50% plus 1% and wah-lah, Mitt Romney is president
They can use music to influence thought
Commercial music is specifically designed to create a state of mind
Colors it is the same
When we come back let’s get into electronic telepathy
The forest gives us more than clean air and water
Today only 1600 grizzly bears live in the lower 48
This problem is closer than you think
Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street
Do you think sporting events were created to control the population?
If you go back to age of the Roman gladiators, what was that about?
It’s a way to disarm and deflect a population’s concerns about the present
The idea behind telepathy is that you are the radio, you don’t need a radio
The idea is to create chaos and confusion in the enemy
You drive the physiology to create the effect
How much of this is Machiavellian?
Politicians get fed propaganda that’s what they use to make decisions
Government scientists are the real ones in control
They aren’t elected
They are there before and after a politician is in office
They hope nobody has enough brains to ask the tough questions
That’s why you gotta stop watching TV like American Idol
Stop watching TV and regain control of your own mind
Mind control
This is what HAARP is all about
If they wait long enough they can play the game again
Fear is what brings Hitler’s alive
Fear is the principal weapon of the military industrial complex
That’s it for tonight folks
Let’s all do it again tomorrow

---William James


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