Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shark House by Purple Mark

                     If a
                     Shark built a House
                     It would be built like this one
                     like a giant fin, parting the waters.
                     It would have house guests
       such as a Moray Eel and an Octopus
in a Garden of Corals, Kelp and Sea Anemones.
       It would have no need for doors or windows, the Weather
       didn’t penetrate often from this lone spire
                     from the sea above.
                     Yet it would have shafts of Sunlight to
                            Illumine the days and careful arrangements
                     of Lantern-fish and phosphorescent Sea-slugs
                     would give it a Glow to those dark water evenings.
       It might be safe to say the Shark House had a
reputation and there were some creatures which
wouldn’t stay because of the Shark Factor
       for a short time, much less an overnight or
              Weekend Getaway, but all Sharks are not Great Whites.
                     “JAWS” had made a bad impression on many
                     even among the Sea Life which hadn’t
              seen any of the movies in the horrific Franchise.
       However the Shark House idea had alreahdy been
thought up in England where there was the appearance
         of a Shark stuck in the roof of an Oxford Don’s House
                 as a prank piece of artwork as though the
                                   Shark in question had fallen
                                                 from the sky and
                                                        crashed into
                                                               the roof


---Purple Mark, 03/10/2012



  1. If a shark built a house it would be this pennant rock commanding the waves like a giant fin, partings the waters.” Tara Legresley from "Not Monet’s Haystack." Talking Raven Review: Winter 1999. (Lewis-Clark College, Lewiston Idaho) pg. 109. The Universe gifted me with the book provided from the top of a Broadway Post Office newspaper kiosk.



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