Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In The Cards by Purple Mark



The Black Octopus sits with a pen
in each of its eight tentacles all waiting
for inspiration to strike and release the ink
onto the watercolor paper, but as yet
it doesn’t have anything dramatic
to write upon the blank page.


Angel Fish swim by
all heading North by Northwest
it is not so much of a school
as a private Fish


Many nautical miles away the Titanic
sinks yet again, but this time
there is no evidence
of Icebergs.

The Joker

The Joker is a Spider
which has caught a Moth
to wrapping it
and locking it away.

Ace ♦

leaf with
sides curled up
into a diamond is a
piece of Fairy Gold on the
ground amidst half a wing-like
seedpod, a snail, an red ant
and a single Blue
Jay’s feather

8 ♣

An Aardvark gazes morosely at
its reflection in grooved puddles
under the moonlight strong
enough to blow most of the
remaining leaves
off of the twisted tree
Autumn has arrived.

2 ♦

On a table in Richard Hugo’s House
a petite-four of pink and white sits
on a plate surrounded by six
ceramic Parrots with blue teapots
clutched firmly in beaks.

Jack ♠

Jack Frost blows darts through the
open window with his icy breath,
a Crow has walked its last steps
and lies frozen by the assault of
Winter; no more to comment on

the world which goes on without it.


Purple Mark, 02/25/2012


Purple Mark's Prompts:                                                                         

  1. Tony Meeuwissen. The Key To The Kingdom: An Enchanted Deck. (Running Press Book Publishers, 1992).

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  1. Thanks Bill, especially for using the shapes and card symbols.