Saturday, March 10, 2012

February by Purple Mark


February always seems to get the short end of the stick
when it comes to the months.

Every other month gets at least 30 days, but poor February
is lucky to get 29 days within its span.

The thought that because it has the worst weather,
it should be the shortest month seems unfair.

Surely the year could’ve been divided a bit better,
after all half of the months have 31 days;

A couple less of those would bring February up to speed.
However, that isn’t how it is

For long-held unguessed-at reasons, it has always been
this oddly configured Month.

Even this year with its added leap-year day doesn’t
make up for the paucity of its days.

The name February comes from the Februars: the strips of hide
which were used by those in wolfskins to strike the women

who lined up along the Roman streets during Lupercalia
to be blessed with a child in the coming year.

Its Hallmark Holiday based on a mythical Saint Valentine
caps off the ill regard the Month suffers from.

At least January reflects back on the previous year while looking
hopefully towards the coming year.

February’s Groundhog almost always promises that Winter
will be over soon, but then fails to deliver the Spring

that the flowers wish for in their growing and suffer from in
their eagerness when the temperatures plummet again.

The Plum blossoms break off and litter the sidewalks
leaving a lone bee confused: why isn’t it Spring?

---Purple Mark 03/03/2012


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