Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do Words Go Bad by Purple Mark


As they were riding through a lengthy puddle

the Olsten twins hit an unseen pothole in the middle

and were thrown into the melting snow and murk,

which goes to show that nothing good can come from

riding an epiplectic bicycle as a quirk.

After returning home drenched and dripping,

a quick bath, the furplay of their cat and the sipping

of their hot chocolates cheered their spirits enough

to pursue a favorite hobby of looking up new words.

They consulted the Thesaurus Rex only to learn it was

considered extinct, ended, terminated, over, gone and Vanished

“What percentage of those old words were rotten?”

to which there was no answer. The wind outside caused

the branches to scrape glass and they were glad to be

in where it was warm and dry.

---Purple Mark 012112


Prompts Utilized:                                                                         

  1. As they were riding through a lengthy puddle...Edward Gorey. The Epiplectic Bicycle. (Harcourt Brace, 1969).
  2. Furplay: n. semi-illicit feeling you get when a cat rubs itself against your leg.” Rich Hall. When Snigglets Ruled The Earth. (Collier MacMillan Publishers, 1989). Page 37.
  3. Thesaurus Rex: 1. extinct, adj. ended, terminated, over, gone, vanished 2. obsolete, archaic (see kaput) Dan Piraro. Bizarro. (Chronicle Books, 1985 & 1986). Page 46.

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  1. It's missing the word 'Vanished' on line 11, but other than that I quite like its whimsicality.