Saturday, December 17, 2011

Words from Works In Progress Rearranged


"We just buried my mother, Ariel,"
She enlightened the waiter who didn't ask.
Roger didn't know how to respond
When I told him to, "Throw the shoe into a pit."

She explained how she wanted it to Ariel.
He jotted down her order with intensity
As if he had just ringed a horse shoe against the stake.
He yelled to the cook 'cross the diner.

"Roger scribbled strange symbols on a pad.
It was a voodoo spell he cast long ago," she said.
The cook leaned across the grill to spit
Flem caressed the frying egg like foreplay before a cyber rape.

Roger’s voice sounded like a voodoo spell cast
into a gust of freezing drizzle.
She was fondled in a cyber-room rape.
Richard Hugo was her mother's undoing.

His heart broke in a gust of freezing drizzle.
In Silence, Ariel listened enraptured by her story.
He pondered over the footprints of her mother's demise.
"She's gone," she said, "buried under a glacier of permafrost."


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