Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 13

An Interpretation of Song of Solomon


Let her kiss me most beautiful among women,
all over my body with kisses from her mouth.

This sensation of being in your hungry embrace
is more delightful than sipping
chocolaty cappuccinos under Zion’s evening sky.

When your name is spoken, “Jezebel,”
it drips off my tongue like buttery honey
my ear smells it like amber perfume
wafting through the courtyard of your gardens.

That is why all the young men want you, desire you,
“Jezebel,” when they imagine your dance,
their eyes glaze over at the first mention of your name.

Draw me into your sultry embrace
I will eagerly follow you to Zion’s edge.

Bring me into your bed chamber most beautiful of women.
Kiss me all over with kisses from your mouth.


I have come to this garden, my lover, my bride.
I have come to gather your fragrance and your spice.

In my mouth, I savor your taste like I savor honey and chocolate.
I drink my coffee and I eat cherry muffins
Recollecting memories of last night.


Who is this coming up from the desert,
leaning so sensuously upon her lover?

Under the apple tree I awakened you;
it was there, under that tree,
that your mother and father conceived you;
it was under that tree,
illumined by the mother’s spring warmth,
that they first consummated their love.


Where has your lover gone
most beautiful of women?
Where has your lover gone
That we may seek you without him?

My lover has gone down to the valley where his garden is,
to rest in the beds of your spice,
to browse through the mounds admiring white lilies.

My lover belongs to me and I to her.
She browses, aimlessly, among the lilies.

---written on December 5, 2002. The poem was found (on 8/23/11) in a Journal of other peoples poems I used when I busked poetry at Pike's Market in the Summer & Fall of 2004

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