Monday, November 28, 2011

What Elephants Are For & Spring Trimetrics


                      Spring Trimetric

        the Door to Spring putting away the
                Ghosts and all of the
                        Enchantment of the burgeoning blossoms came.
The Door swung open to the hint of warmth and
        the Ghosts of Winter were laid to rest, while
                the Enchantment of the flowers overtook
                        the muck and mire that had come with the latest rain.

---Purple Mark 11/26/11a


                      What’s The Elephant For?

“What’s the Elephant for?” he inquires as he sees her pendant.
        “Memory and perception. Though Ganesha is primarily
                the remover of Obstacles,” she answers.
The sounds of Billie Holiday drift out through the doors
        of the House of Richard Hugo while
                his dark hair shines in pale porch-light.
Casually, like she was calling over a waiter,
        Alice summoned a tiny songbird to her wrist.
                Now that he was here, it would be all right.
He inhales the wild, salty scent of the sea.
        and discovers Lovecraft, marveling at his propensity
                to use big words like Eldritch and Cyclopean.
“I come out here every night.” Alice said breaking the quiet,
        He wished that he could just stand here
                a little longer and look at the pale light on the dew.

---Purple Mark 11/16/11b


Purple Mark's Prompts: The books                                                                         

  1. The name of Alice is exchanged for that of Julie in this passage for continuity. Lev Grossman. The Magicians. (New York: Viking/Penguin, 2009). pages 67, 288, 319.
  2. The Preview. Lev Grossman. The Magician King. (New York: Viking/Penguin, published August 10, 2011). Page 4.
  3. The crucial title passage refuses to be pinned to any page along with the next passage about Ganesh. Anjali Banerjee. Haunting Jasmine. (Berkley Trade, 2011). pages ?,?, 116, 203.

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