Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Found in the Mensroom at Rancho Bravo on Capitol Hill 4

How could I not be disappointed with myself. I am after all a class "A" shithead.

And a class "A" shithead needs to shit with a shit eating grin.

When you're done eating shit, serve it up with a sanctimonious shovel!

And then squeeze a few drops into the goblet of Mother Earth.

Another earth will hang in the sky on the hearth of Asgard. Thor thundered down from the stars on a sled to slay the beast.

And the gods decreed that shitheads will shit where there is shit to be shitted

The decree was written on the golden fleece worn by Thor in his own shit to be handed down from one shithead to another.

The man in the magic shop walked to the end of a long dark hallway [with a comic book stained brown from a greasy bean burrito.]

He headed out the door and up Pike's Street to Babes in Toyland to purchase the latest jumbo sized butt plug.

Found on paper napkin on Wednesday, August 23, 2011 in the mensroom of Rancho Bravo's on Capitol Hill. It was initialed WL, CM, AK, & TR.

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