Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Feast Of Words At The Seattle Public Library


A Body's Feast

        The lecture had been a feast for the senses. One wonders if the presenters really understood all the information they were providing the public.

        I was gazing at the great central elevator shaft of the Seattle Public Library building sipping on dark chocolate and raspberry cocoa. I had just come from one of their free lectures and was enjoying all the images and sensations it had brought. A little curly-headed blonde tyke had her nose pressed to the coffee bar's fridge and was demanding to know what a pile of plastic wrapped cheese logs were. She was just to scrumptious for words. A whole meal in herself.

        Seattle was sure different from the South where I grew up. I hadn't once been asked if I'd been saved and there seemed to be different churches here, not just different Baptist denominations. It had got a little uncomfortable down there, people had started to ask questions, so I decided to try new fields and Seattle had such an excellent reputation in certain circles for the quality of its serial killers.

        The lecture on forensics had given me goosebumps. I wasn't interested in anything like that. It was great the popularity of the CSI programs kept generating so much information.

        Feasts. Things to feast on. Dahmer liked liver, but until today I'd never thought of the succulent delights of your basic big toes.


---By Carla Blaschka 11/19/11

     Written alongside Purple Mark & Philip Bernier-Smith at the Seattle Public Library.
     Our only prompt was "feasts."

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