Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 8

Job Description & Procedures for Bill (at Your2Feet):

Hi Bill,
I have started your job description and would like you to fill in and add to what i have as follows. I have just put down (a few) bullet points and we can write it up once we get all the items down on paper.

Job Description for Store Manager

Wow...I was a Store Manager...but that's not how the owner treated me. All this time I thought I was just a peon!

* Open Store 5 days a week
* Keep track of inventory
* Purchase items when inventory levels are low
* Receive new items into inventory
* Stock shelves and racks with new inventory
* Keep accurate counts of inventory
* Daily inventory and sales reporting

I also have the following list of procedures that I would like you to add to and make any changes necessary.

Inventory Procedures for Store Manager

* Keep accurate count of inventory items and match/adjust Point of Sale quantities.
* Monitor inventory levels & prepare orders to place (Is there a current form that you use? If not we should create one)
* Forward order form to Dr. k for feview and approval.
* Receive new inventory at the Capitol Hill Store - This includes counting all items that come in and compare them against packing slips. Note any discrepancies on the packing slip and follow up with the vendor. Sign approval of items received and file packing slip in its appropriate binder.
* Enter new inventory and its cost in Point of Sale.
* Record all items that are removed from the Capitol Hill store for use in the Ballard office or for fairs and trade shows. Prepare list (can use the same form for ordering with slight modifications) have the person removing items from Capitol Hill store inventory sign the form in agreement. Record the items being removed from Point of Sale with customer name reflecting this transfer of goods. Send the signed list and report from Point of Sale to Accounting in the Ballard Office.

Sales in Capitol Hill Store---

* Open store
* Turn on lights and heat
* Answer Phones
* Help customers with shoes
* (Bill add to this list as needed).

This is a start. We will work on this in the near future. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll give you a call on Thursday to touch base.

I will check with the Point of Sale expert I know to see what is needed to install multiple locations POS software package and see how it can help going into the future.

Have a great day,


Professional Small Business Management Consultant

The memo was found while I was sorting through stuff and packing my Seattle life up on Wednesday, August 23. It was dated to Wednesday, October 13, 2004

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