Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Addendum to Write At The Park---Priya's Prompts


3PM at the Coffee Cottage with Don Comfort

       They looked perfectly innocent. Surrounded by bags of bags. Sitting at a table. Holding each other. Consoling. Fingering short strands of spiky hair. Murmuring. Stroking an ear with a thumb.

       “What did you do when you woke this morning,” the young thin girl said?

       “I thought of your face shinning through the window surfing on the first finger of dawn,” a young thing girl answered

       The young thin girl spoke, “What can we do now that we have been made ordinary?”

       “I guess we can drink coffee at this small town Christian cafĂ© like everyone else. We can blend into the fauna of everyday life unfettered by the chains that condemned our mother’s to arduous labor in service of men,” a young thing girl responded.

       “Yes, as ordinary people we are liberated to serve each other unfettered by the chains that bound our souls to the past immorality of innocence,” the young thing girl stated.



Priya Keefe's Prompts                                                                             

  1. What can we do once we are ordinary?
  2. What is the first thought you have upon waking in the morning?
  3. And the word “Innocence” chosen at random by Don Comfort from a random book.

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