Saturday, October 15, 2011

2-Lines for


Teddy, had a big wet mouth
He drooled all over a sexy book
Nelly, slipped on the bedroom floor
and strained her back

Teddy drooled all over the checkbook
Then put his pants on backwards
Nelly, moping up the wetness, strained her back
She ejaculated, your feet are smelly

Teddy put Nelly's pants on backwards
He wanted to feel her backside rubbing his junk
She was turned on by his smelly feet
And purred like a kitty in Teddy's ear

He wanted to feel her backside rubbing his junk
Nelly, slipped her hand in to it
And purred like a kitty in his ear
Teddy, had a big wet mouth

Shazza SweetCheeks on 9/28/2011 submitted these lines: "She drooled all over the book, She strained her back, His feet are smelly, He put his pants on backwards," and requested they be made into a pantoum. You too can do this and submit me 2-Lines and I'll create something silly or serious from your random elements!


Also check out my new wordpress website. It's a literary journal called Randomly Accessed Poetics! Submissions are open. I will be publishing literary works, explicit language pieces, and eventually a journal a relative wrote in the late 1800's detailing their journey to Oregon on the Oregon Trail. And when I gather enough submitted works from other people, I will be cobbling together an e-anthology called Randomly Accessed Poetics.

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