Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shannon Kringen’s Variation of and Exquisite Corpse

The first thing I saw when I walked up to the rubber mat was a molted yellow brown filling the screen.

It was obvious to me that I was going to miss my appointment and I would need to clean up the mess. 90 degree F heat and Rubber don't mix. The screen was torn and rusty with spider webs all over it. It had green metallic beetles all wrapped up in their silk spider web coffins ready to be eaten.

I wanted to take some close up macro photos but left my camera at the castle nearby. The accordion music played outside the door was perfect funeral music for beetles. I got out my spray paint.

All now begin to fade as I stare at yellow ground filling the screen.

Metallic green will now replace the yellow.

The screen must transform. In these chaos days where nothing makes sense you may as well use colors you enjoy the sight of. Wind chimes distracted me as I sniffed the hideous toxic fumes of the paint. I thought of my ex calling me a narcissist. Must cover that yellow brown I thought. ERASE THE PAST.

I sprayed it out with black paint

But then realized it's better to mostly stick with metallic green and layer the two colors. After all, the beetles are both green and black. It all matches and is a metaphor for something bigger. There are always repeating patterns that mirror and echo. The inner and outer life are connected but I wonder where it starts? Chicken or egg?

They pulled pranks between engine strokes and reminded me of dew.

Which also reminds me of “ranks” and hierarchies: the games people play with their false selves. What a game it is to be human on planet earth. Pros and cons to that! I wish I could turn my skin to metallic green and go live in the jungle. “Get back to nature” as they say.

His hands were now tainted with the blood of the undesirables’.

Just as mine were. Aren't we all tainted in some way I thought silently to myself? I ache to be free of these burdens. Can I learn to be more like a worm and ground myself in earth and absorb nutrients and let go of judging Self and others? Maybe I am a narcissist but at least I am aware of this possibility. I have been told that a true narcissist never questions whether they are a narcissist or not! Projections? Scapegoating? Live and learn.

—Shannon Kringen, Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shannon wrote: "here is the weird story i wrote with a group in the park. the lines in italic are from other writers who gave me a line and i added my own words after that. each other us ended up with totally different stories. very cool exercise!

Bio of the Artist


Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California and Whidbey Island Washington. She is a self-taught photographer with a background in Graphic Design. She works as a figure model and is designing her BA degree with a concentration on Photography. Shannon also paints onto shoes and creates fully abstract paintings on canvas. She recently began learning printmaking and plans to combine photography with monotype prints. She sees her creative expression as a tool to connect with community and a way of increasing self-awareness and tap into a deeper wisdom within.

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