Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Poetry Found While Packing -- 2


A strange conversation with a deaf poet

Have you ever heard of the Italian writer Ignzzio Silone? I just finished Fontamara. It’s about the resistance to El Duce (Mussolini).

I’ve heard of Mussolini. I don’t seem to read all that much. My undergraduate was in Mathematics and Religious Studies. All the reading I do now is in Mythological and Theological Studies.

Don’t preachers set themselves up? They apologize for being human.

Preachers aren’t perfect. It is parishioners who assume their preachers are close to god, because of their job. Preachers are no more closer to god than are mechanics, technicians, or professionals are to their jobs.

Then you are the perfect man.

I am no where near perfect. If I were, I should have learned the folly of chasing after 20-25 year old women.

That’s your own mystique, reverend. This [other matter] must be resolved today.

Daddy got blamed by Bush for the loss of his plane in WW2. Afterwhich, I was given a nerve agent. (Look at me face; see how my lips quiver?) John Lennon’s murder papers were planted in my home. I investigated their source. I found a Jewish holocaust survivor community and found proof. AIDS is man-made. But was censored. I took it to US District Court.

I’ve always wondered about the origin of the AIDS virus. How did it turn out in court?

If you evaluate the evidence you see immediately that I am right. There’s no other explanation. Who, in authority, did it is what is in dispute.

Have you ever considered telling your story to the world? I bet George Noory on Coast to Coast AM (formerly Art Bell Show) would like to interview you.

No, but I would if I could. The problem is that it was done through the Gurdjieff Cult. And since they killed Lennon, Fripp and [Peter] Gabriel claim it’s English property. They blame me and dispute my testimony, because they accomplished the guilty.

I’ll see that you get them and a summary of my testimony. It’s important that a few people other than me see what they are. The problem has been that I name Reagan.

Those who wish to see the New World Order realized? Who is the next anti-christ who has designs to rule the world?

The letters played me in a role like that. Apparently due to Daddy’s well know book, “Humanizing the School.” All libraries have it.

Is this a good or bad thing to do, humanize the schools? How old is the book? [He mouthed the word] 30 years?

Can I suggest you read him? They sabotaged it. I was kidnapped and gassed. The fact that I was gassed is what clued me to the Jewish role and led me to the letters.

The point is that I was genuinely hurt and ended up being in psychiatrist labs. I tried to protect myself from Erline and shared details. Those who I tried talking to didn’t want to hear it. They sided with men who tortured me and raped my retarded deaf “girlfriend,” in Pittsburg.

I’m sorry.

By the way it was David La Terre. The owner of Uncle Elizabeth’s saw the letters and semi-agreed with me about the situation. La Terre who I never met, told me to drop it or face serious rejection. I’m not torn as to what is real. But I’m diagnosed as delusional. It is not fair.

My mother followed some of what happened and conceded that I witnessed a laboratory bombing. She never comes right out and describes torture. La Terre’s point seems to be that I bring it up this way to people who don’t care.

I’ve been seeking a retort to John Cale. I never thought to turn it on its head. Bravo!

I gotta go. Do you want the paper (transcript of our conversation)?

No keep the explanation. I’ll tell you 3 more facts. The men who “gassed” me were: Ronnie ZZ “sin” Ski and Kasper “ow” ski. Ronnie and Kasper just like Regan and Weinberger. The letters are signed Gail Burstyn or “Gay-ill” Carolyn Brusting like a bomb. Carolling.

Are you gonna be at Homeland next week?

Yeah. See you next week Bill!

This was a conversation I found on Friday, August 26, 2011 dated to the fall of 2004, that I had with a crazy deaf poet. The print in italics are my words. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I asked him for a conversation.


  1. what happened to my comment?

  2. (retyped) That is the essence of the madness of Mac. Quoting from memory, W Churchill: 'A fanatic is someone who won't change their mind and can't change the subject.'
    How come every one who persecutes you happens to be famous? i used to ask him, to which he had no answer.
    A classic megalomaniac/narcissist personality.

  3. Quell Bizarre! Funny how Robert Fripp and Peter Gabriel get in there.