Sunday, July 10, 2011

My, my, my its pie, pie, pie (using Bukowski as a writing prompt)

I had no idea.
She was such a nice girl or so I thought before we arrived at her dorm room.
The night before I met her at the Pi Delta Delta house. She was in a darkened corner of the grand hall. I found her counting petals on a plastic plant. It was the yearly pink orchid party celebrating the arrival of spring. She looked so out of place. I don’t know how she found out about it. It was supposed to be a secret kept only with our sister house Pi Pi Pi. She didn’t say she was a pledge. I don’t know why I’m thinking about it now. We didn't do much talking. I guess I should have asked her.
Her name was Elle Elton. She was a freshman at the U. Her gothy leggy body was strangely intoxicating. She wore a simple black form fitting dress that accented all the curves she didn’t have. Seeing her in the dark counting petals near the bar was cute. She expressed purpose in her actions. She didn’t talk much when I approached her. And I had to drag name, class rank, and undeclared major out of her.
I pulled Elle out on to the dance floor. Once there she was a natural. It took no encouragement from me for her to begin grinding away on the beat, beat box of the techno against my thigh. She wasn’t wearing much under her skirt. Her pie was smooth.
When I felt my pants just above the knee grow damp, Elle flicked her tongue into my ear whispering that it was time to go.  She led me back to her place. No yarding was required.

When I woke the next morning in a strange room, the sexy nerdy girl I spied counting petals on plastic plants morphed into somebody new. She didn’t have that same sweat flowery aroma that first drew me to her in the corner of the frat house.
I grabbed a beer from her tiny fridge, drank it down, got dressed, said goodbye, made sure the door was locked behind me, and walked briskly through five o’clock morning air to the Pi Delta Delta house confused by what had happened.

The prompt chosen blindly from Women by Charles Bukowski was “After she left I took a shower. Then I found a beer in the refrigerator, drank that, dressed, said goodbye to Elton, made sure the door was locked, got into the Volks and drove back home.”

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