Saturday, July 2, 2011

6 Words From Donkey in Portland


Intifada, frittata, and a saucy enchilada
"That will be ten dollars sir, your server is Smoking Chrome."
One pastie pealed off to reveal her tat, an indigo donkey

Pasties Pastie store ran out of chromes and frittatas
which were more desired by strippers than enchiladas.
Donkey covers were alluring when styled by Intifada

Donkey’s meat was like a spiced enchilada to Intifada.
The happy biker throttled his rod into her frittata
His chrome dome felt yummy when massaged by fuchsia pasties

Chrome’s super heated tub caused her pasties to droop like old donkey
balls when she rode on the bitch seat of the biker’s black intifada.
His enchilada began taking the shape of a day old frittata

Enchilada Kitties was know to make intifadas out of pasty
white pressure-cooked meat from Andalusian donkey.
Frittatas tasted better when prepared on plates of chrome.

Frittata covered her donkey tattoo with neon-pink chromes.
She earned more tips than anyone else at the club with these pasties.
Intifada, lost her shape and thus, the whole enchilada too.

The words: intifada, frittata, enchilada, chrome, donkey, pasties were submitted by Kirk from Portland, Oregon via my "6 Word" form on 6/30/2011 at 10:57 AM. If you'd like me to compose you a disasterpiece you can submit six words or two lines to me on the "6 words" or "2 lines" page above.

Note to Kirk: I composed this entire piece using HTML.


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