Monday, July 4, 2011

A 6 Words Disasterpiece For Sweet Cheeks in Edmonds

Sweet Cheeks from Edmonds via Facebook on 6/30/11 at 21:46 filled out the "6 Word" form with these words: 1) Zebra, 2) pink, 3) sensual, 4) steamy, 5) huge, 6) fluffy.

Pink, the zebra, was genetically engineered to have pink and green sensual
stripes. The forest color was not in the original design. Her fur was steamy
when fluffed, but her utter was not supposed to be huge.

Fluffy, on the other hand, was not steamy or even remotely pink
but her feline paws were sensual,
huge in comparison to the tongue of the zebra

Huge is not the word designers used to describe the sensual zebra.
Engineers thought it would be humorous to make Pink’s pink,
steamy when it came into contact with vibrations that were sensual.

Tina steamed up quickly when noises fluffed across her hugeness.
She cracked up though when she saw the future on display, a malformed zebra;
sensuality deflated like a balloon that lost its pink.

Her sensual zone felt like a zebra running through broad fluffy
foliage on the steppe while being chased by a lioness that was huge.
Pink gums revealed razor teeth and saliva foamed out like steam.

Pink was sweet. Her cheeks were huge when they out gassed steam.
Though her design was flawed, her fur was intriguingly fluffy.
The Zebra loved attention; especially, when it was sensual.

I can write a "6 Words" disasterpiece for you too. All you need do is go to the tab labled "6 Words" fill out the boxes with random words from your head and click submit. Then in a few days, I will compose for you something you might want to read.

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  1. I love this Bill!!
    I will give you 6 more words!