Thursday, June 30, 2011

You can do this too; Fill out the Six Word form

On 6/27/11 at 13:18:17, Alexis from Seattle filled out the six word form and these six words were beamed into my google docs account: (1) Paradox, (2) Liberation, (3) Sparkle, (4) Quandary, (5) Fruitful, and (6) Chaos.

When you go to the "six words" page you will see just how simple it is to put words in the boxes. And the little people from inside hollow earth sing Abracadabra and walla, words begging to be written into a story will show up in a google docs account Then at a later date I will post said story just like the one you are about to read now.

Paradoxically, the liberation of sparkles
from the dark matter soup was the crux of Hope's quandary.
Chaotic, but unlikely an easy solution would be fruitful.
Chaos implied that quandary theory would liberate
the cosmic string Hope singled out called a Sparkle.
The fruit of the thesis was embedded in the paradox.

It was fruitful to track sparkles as they ebbed into paradox.
When dark strings zip around the collider they liberate
quandary separating them into vectors of chaos.

Quandary in a plasma treed into a chaotic mass of fruit
which became the three principle components of paradox.
Sparkles were discovered to unravel into liberation.

Sparkles also disrupted paradox giving birth to new chaos.
This unexpected solution Hope found clever and fruitful.
Liberation theory was born and an end came to quandary.

Liberation was fruitful in that it exposed the quandary
which was a hidden constant Hope frond in chaos.
Paradoxically, strings unravel when contacted by sparkles.

Go to six words and give me six words by keying six words into boxes on the page called six words.


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