Monday, June 27, 2011

A Twisted Answering Machine Message

Do you remember the answering machine in those dark days before voice mail and the proliferation of cell phones? Back in the days of darkness when I lived in the quaint little city of McMinnville in house I rented on Baker Street (which also happened to have the same designation as Sherlock Holmes' apartment). People used to call my number just to hear what cleverness I recorded onto the answering machine.

In the late 1990's the following is one of the more darker stories I told:

This is Jimmy Jones and I am
speaking for Dick and Anita Jackaway
who are indisposed right now.

You see they traversed down
to the Jonestown Soda Shoppe for
my famous cup of Jo.

Where the Kool Aid is always
served chilled and always served
in little Dixicups

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