Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Reader Posted this as a Comment in light of Bad Poetry Months

Bill bakes brownies

or fudge, he’s not sure which
Doesn’t have sugar
substitutes molasses
Uses flour, that’s kind of old
Forgets the baking powder
Margarine in lieu of butter
Adds vanilla extract
Throws in a couple eggs
Crushed walnuts
His oven runs cool so he
leaves ‘em in for longer
than maybe he should
Seeing that they haven’t risen
leaves ‘em in a little longer still

Takes them out
Lets them cool
, slices ‘em in squares
They smell good
with the consistency of hardtack

Eats them anyway
Thinks about his mother
Hers would have been worse
She taught him everything he knew
and has managed mostly to forget
He gazes out his window
to the street four flights below
Thinks about milk while chewing
Having smelled it and checked the date
Pours it down the sink
rinses out the carton
Drinks some tap water
and has a second piece
knowing it will not improve with age
Thinks about writing
eats a third piece of whateveritis
thinks a little more about writing

---6/8/2011 by Larry Crist

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