Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Enkidu Experience

I can smell fertility
on a noncontracepted female.
A pheromone is released onto the earth
at ovulation.

This drives me wild.

My brown leathery skin
sprouts thick course hair.
I beat a drum with a club.
I dance with fire at night.

I am Neanderthal man!
Hear me roar.

---June 23, 2005
Here's a poem I read once (in June of 2005) and got into trouble with. The girl I took to the open mic (Mr. Spots Chai House) in Ballard thought I was speaking to her. I wasn't, I tried to explain to her where the inspiration for the poem came from. That it was a reflection of a program I listened to on Sacred Heart Radio a month prior about the primal nature of the human body and the hidden biological processes that drive it.

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